Applying for Subclass 489 and 190? Know each states requirements!

As Subclass{189} skilled independent visa gets more difficult to get due to the high points more applicants are looking at state nomination options

 The State nomination visas are for skilled workers who are nominated by state or territory. The state allows you to live and work in australia Permanently or on a working visa{in case of Subclass 489}. You are required to score atleast 60 points in total, inclusive of the 5-10 points you get from Subclass 190 and Subclass 489 respectively.

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To Score 60 points in Expression of interest, you must:

Nominate and occupation that is in the states nominated occupation list

Be under 45 years at the time of nomination

Commit to live in the state that you are nominated for 2 years from the date of your arrival or commit to living in any regional area if you are a Subclass{489} holder.

Have a positive skills assesment from relevant authority 

Have competent english {6 in each or equivalent}

Meet health and charter requirements 

Each state has their own requirement for state nomination which is different for offshore and onshore applications 

South Australia

South Australia nomination list

Applicants can apply for occupations listed on the state nominated occupation list. Some occupations have been listed as  "special conditions apply" . To apply for them, you need to meet additional requirements.

ACT Canberra

Canberra nomination occupation list

If your occupation is closed this means that you can still apply for ACT nomination if you have close ties such as job offer, family etc

You also need to showcase sufficient employement opportunities in your nominated occupation in Canberra in case your job offer is not genuine 

Your skills and work must be relevant to the nominated occupation 


Tasmania occupation list

You or any of your dependents have not lived in another Australian state or territory in the past 12 months

Have atleast 12 months of study in Tasmania, this is for applicants applying interstate.

You need to be able to provide evidence of employment claims 

Genuine capacity for the business to sustain nominated occupation 

Employer must be involved in Tasmania for the past 12 months 

Northern Territory 

Northern Territory occupation list

For a number of occupations, if applying offshore, you must provide evidence of an offer of employment in your nominated occupation or in a closely related 

skilled occupation 

Evidence of full time employment for at-least 12 months in past 24 months

Demonstrate commitment of living in the Northern Territory and that you have done research into living and working in NT.


Vistoria Nomination list

Each occupation in Victoria has separate english requirement, work experience and additional requirements.

Western Australia 

Western Australia skills list

I you are nominated in major occupation Group 1 or Group 2{ANZSCO} then you must have 7 in each band in IELTS or eq while others require 6 in each or eq.

Must have a contract of full time employment for at-least 12 months 

Sufficient funds to cover migration costs

New South Wales

NSW has 2 streams 

Stream 1: Occupations on the NSW 190 priority occupation list

Stream 2: Very highly ranking candidates in some eligible occupations. hIghest points are invited first.

If you have 80 points including state nomination points but your occupation is not listed in NSW. You still might have options through stream 2

IT,Engineers, Accountants require higher points to get invited

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