Bad News for Accountants!

No invitation for Accountants{3 Jan Invitation Results}

PRO RATA Occupations

 PRO RATA Occupations have since long created problems for Permanent Residency for many due to the allocation of invitations each invitation round and the high points requirement. Here is a breakdown of the last invitation round for PRO RATA occupations.Each year there is a limit of how many skilled migrants will be allowed per year for each occupation category. This is called as “occupation ceiling”. Some occupations get filled really quickly and well before the end of the financial year. In these situations, the most popular occupations are subjected to what we call as “PRO RATA arrangements”. This means that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection[DIBP] will divide the total invitations granted for the year by 12 and give monthly invitations accordingly.


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Jan 3rd 2018, invitation results

Announced no invitations for Accountants. If you look at the Seats available for Accountants{Subclass 189 and 489 family sponsorship}, the quota was increased from 2500 to 4785 seats for the next year{2017-18}. Many applicants saw this as a ray of hope but recent announcement by the immigration department reveals that this ceiling reflects other skilled visa categories such as Subclass 190, RSMS{187}, ENS{186} as well. The invitations for accountants{Subclass 189, 489 family sponsorship} this year would be very difficult. 

Options available 

Other options available other than Subclass{189} include subclass {190} on Canberra and Subclass{489} in Tasmania and Northern Territory.

1- One year study in Canberra would make you eligible for state nomination for Subclass{190}. The Study doesn't have to be relevant and you have to work in any Skill{level 1-4} in Canberra.The condition for this visa is 2 years of stay after the nomination from the state.

2- One year Study in Tasmania, would make you eligible for state nomination for Subclass{489}. 
This working visa is of 4 years and after 2 years you are eligible for PR. 2 years of mandatory stay in any regional area in Australia with 1 year of minimum work which doesn’t have to be relevant to the nominated occupation. After 2 years of stay in any regional area you will be eligible for PR(887 skilled regional visa application).For this you will not require any english scores/ skills assessment.

3- 2 years study in Northern Territory,would make you eligible for state nomination for Subclass{489}. Same condition applies for this visa as the one mentioned above.

4- Other options such as trades courses and Job Ready Program are also available.

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