Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass{888}

Know the process for applying your permanent residency after Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa Subclass{188}

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  This Visa will let investors and business owners in Australia to stay for an indefinite period. Subclass{188} has different streams in itself and this determines your criteria to be eligible for applying for Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass{888}.

These include; the Business innovation stream, Investor stream, Significant Investor stream, Premium Investor stream and the Entrepreneur stream.

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In order to apply for this permanent visa, you will not have to go through any additional points test. No Expression Of Interest{EOI} lodgment is also required.    You do not even need to be the primary holder of the visa, after the successful grant of Subclass{188} even the dependent of the main applicant can apply if you meet the eligibility requirement. 

There are additional requirements for the applicant to be eligible for 888 visa which includes 

1-Satisfactory record and compliance with commonwealth laws and state or territory which the business operates

2-Meeting Australian health and character requirements

3-Commitment to continue business and investment activity in Australia after the original investment is matured.

Depending on the stream you applied for during your subclass{188} lodgment, you would be subjected to additional requirements.

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Significant investor Stream

Must have held in either the significant investor stream or significant investor extension stream for atleast 40 days each year the visa was held. Applicants for this stream must have held the Subclass{188} visa for a continuous period of 4 years as well. 

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Business Innovation Stream

You must have held a Provisional Subclass{188} visa for atleast a year in the 2 years immediately prior to lodging your application.The business has to have an ABN and all the necessary Business Activity Statements {BAS} for the last 2 years. Minimum turnover requirement of AUD$300,000 for the last 12 months is very important. With net assets in the business being atleast AUD 200,000. 

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Investor Stream

Held visa for atleast 2 years within the four years, immediately before lodging the application . Must have held a designated investment with an Australian State or Territory for atleast 4 years which equates to the AUD 1.5 million investment. This can be either just the primary applicant or can be a combination with the dependent as well.

Business visa can be very complicated and in order to get a thorough understanding of your eligibility, we recommend you to contact us.

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Prashant kumar On, 17 May 2018

Dear Visafast, I am interested in this Visa type...which requires minimum amount of investment. Thanks

Gursahab Gill
On, 18 May 2018

Hi Prashant, please email me your enquiry at There are several streams within the business innovation visa. For further assistance please contact us.

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