Condition 8503

The "No Further Stay" condition does not allow you to have another substantive visa whilst you are in Australia.


 Visas which come with this condition do not allow you to make any substantive visa application after their validity. Any applications for another visa will reconsidered an invalid application. Some of the visas which usually come up with this condition include 

Visitor Visa{Subclass 600}

Training Visa{Subclass 407}

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This condition may apply to other kinds of visas as well. Breaching visa conditions can be very detrimental to your current visa status and or future applications. Thus its very important for you to keep a track of the conditions by going through the visa grant letter. There are waivers available to get rid of this condition on compassionate grounds as well. In case of absence of these reasons, you will have to leave Australia before making any further visa application. If you do have compelling reasons to stay onshore and apply for further visas, you will have to apply for waivers. 

Many people get confused regarding waivers and are unable to comprehend the fact that waivers are not a visa application but infact a request to the Department Of Home Affairs. It takes upto 3 months for them to respond, so planning ahead in advance is the key. It is also important for the applicant to contact the department directly, in case the existing visa is expiring soon. If the department is taking longer than usual time, contact them directly or you will become unlawful. 

Compassionate reasons 

The following can be compelling reasons for a waiver of condition 8503. Almost all of these reasons are beyond the applicants control so the department has to accommodate your request.

Unfit to Travel 

If you sustain serious injury and are unable to travel, or are pregnant and in a condition unable to travel. Have a pre existing medical condition that makes it difficult to travel, you may be eligible for a waiver.

Death or serious illness and disaster in the home country 

In case of a loved one being passed, is suffering an illness or is injured and you are the sole support to him/her. You are obviously not expected to enter your home country in case of unstable condition in your home country, in this case you may also have other options of protection visa.

Pregnancy and Marriage 

Marriage to or being in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident after the visa was granted . Pregnancy after the visa was granted. 

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