Contributory Aged Parent Visas

Know about the options available to bring your parents to Australia if you are a Permanent Resident or a Citizen of Australia


 Thinking of bringing your aged parents to Australia ? Thankfully Australia is a place where family matters and your "aged" parents would have the following options   

1- Contributory Aged Parent Visa{Subclass 864}

2- Contributory Aged Parent{Temporary} visa {Subclass 884}

Contributory aged parent visas require huge amount of "donation" to the government. It sounds too much and unfair but this is the government way of covering any "liabilities" your parents may bring with them. The current "donation" to be paid is at the $50,000 mark. This does not include all the application fees that may be incurred through the application process.

The Aged non-contributory parent visa{Subclass 804} is far more reasonable but it can take years for it to get processed before its granted. The application for this visa is supposed to be made onshore and you are provided with a bridging visa once the application is made, work rights are also likely to be received. The disadvantage of this visa is that the applicant will not have Medicare, but private health insurance options are always there. 

You should either directly apply for the permanent contributory parent 884 visa or apply first for a temporary aged parent 884 visa. This would allow the applicant to stay for no more than 2 years from the date of visa grant and the permanent visa can be lodged anytime before the expiry of the 884 visa.

There are various factors in this visa such as 


The sponsor should be aged 18 or above and is settled lawfully in Australia. For children below the age of 18, the sponsors spouse, relative or guardian may be eligible to apply from the Childs behalf. Sponsor should obviously be Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Pension age 

Department of home affairs considers an aged parent as one who is old enough to be granted aged pension.The pension age changes according to the birth of the person.

Balance of family test

This is used to check the necessity of the applicant to gain permanent residency. For eg- if the applicant has 4 children and only one is in Australia and the rest in his/her home country then the applicant would be considered looked after in their home country.

Assurance of support and secondary applications

This is used to protect the Australian government from any financial burdens that might incur on the local community once the applicant becomes a permanent resident. in the case of contributory aged parent visas the sponsor will have to pay a bond. Additional fees will incur in case the applicant has any dependents under the age of 18. Secondary applications will come under the main applications and no need for individual applications.

Application costs

Application has to made onshore to apply and must one onshore during the time of decision as well.

For costs please visit- Subclass{884}, Subclass{864}


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