Different types of student visa conditions

When applicant applies for a student visa, there are many conditions that come attached to it, know about them.

Condition- 8105

This means that the applicant cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. Fortnight usually refers to 14 days commencing on monday and ending at the end of second sunday. Unable to meet this requirement would mean a breach in the visa condition and may lead to visa cancellation. You cannot start paid work unless you have started your course in Australia. Work limits to research and PHD level courses do not apply. Also for course that are above bachelor level{For ex- Masters} the depended of the primary visa holder will have full working rights.
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Condition- 8202

You must be always enrolled in your registered course. You must also maintain enrollment in the registered course which is the same level or higher level than the registered course you were previously granted visa of.You must also maintain attendance level which is satisfactory to the college and immigration department.

Condition- 8501

Must maintain adequate level of health insurance during the stay in Australia. By this it means that Overseas Student Health Cover{OSHC} should be met.

Condition 8516

Must continue to meet the requirements for the grant of your student visa. For example continue to have sufficient financial capacity to support the study and stay in Australia.

Condition 8517

Must maintain adequate schooling arrangements for your school age dependents who accompany you for more than 3 months as part of your student visa application.

Condition 8532

If you are younger than 18 years of age, you must show accommodation and support{for eg any relatives staying in Australia who can support you}. General welfare must be maintained for the duration of stay in Australia.

  • you must stay in Australia with 

  • a parent or legal custodian 

  • a relative who has been nominated by your parents or custodians who are above the age of 21 and are of good character 

  • have accommodation support and general welfare arrangements in place that have been approved by the education provider 

Condition 8533

You must inform he education provider regarding your 

Address where you live in Australia within seven days of arriving in Australia

If you change the address where you live within seven days of change 

If you change the education provider within seven days of receiving COE.

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