Early Childhood and Secondary Teachers: Skills Assessment

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Early Childhood and Secondary Teaching has been in the MLTSSL for quite a while now. If you would like to migrate to Australia you should give this occupation a thought. This option is also for international students who have finished bachelors in another occupation but would like to do masters in teaching. .

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                                                      The skills assesment body for teacher is AITSL{Australian Institute of Teaching And School Leadership}.

                                                      The assesment steps for these are as follows 

                                                      2-English language proficiency 

                                                      Early Childhood Teacher

                                                      1-You need to finish at-least 4 years of full time or part time equivalent study at university level that results in a qualification. This must include a relevant teacher qualification but doesn't have to be necessarily in the field of teaching. The qualification has to be at-least AQF level 7{ Australian Qualification Framework} 
                                                      2-Minimum of one year full time{or part time} university level study of Early Childhood{ Pre Primary school teacher}
                                                      3-45 days of supervised training/ supervised teaching practice with students{0- 8 years} 

                                                      Secondary Teacher

                                                      1-Just like the Early Childhood Teacher profession, this would also entail a minimum of bachelor degree{AQF level 7} or higher 
                                                      2-Minimum of one year full time{or part time} university level study of Secondary school teacher education 
                                                      3-45 days of supervised training/ supervised teaching practice with students{13-18 years}
                                                      Supervised training/ teaching practice 

                                                      1-Supervised teaching practice is very important for your degree to be assessed by AITSL. You need to be in a school placement and engaged in teaching and learning process with school students. 
                                                      2-All training provided must be under a qualified teacher and university education staff. For you to get your degree assessed for migration purposes, you would need an official certificate statement form the university awarding the ITE qualification. With proper university letter head which is signed and dated by the appropriate representative. Duration of supervised training and age range of student taught also has t be mentioned.

                                                      English Language Proficiency 

                                                      To meet the requirement of AITSL skills assesment, you will need to have taken academic version of IELTS with the following score with validity of 24 months.
                                                      1-Minimum of 7.0 for reading 
                                                      2-Minimum of 7.0 for writing 
                                                      3-Minimum of 8.0 for speaking 
                                                      4-Minimum of 8.0 for listening 

                                                      Onshore applicants from Australian Universities 

                                                      Recent graduate from Australian universities need to 
                                                      1-Have final transcript for each year of study.
                                                      2-Completion letter from the university 

                                                      All assessments are valid for 2 years and it can take upto 10 weeks for the result. Appeals in case of assessments being negative can be done within 60 days after the decision was made
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                                                      Sreekuttan On, 24 April 2018

                                                      What would be the course fee and which are the best colleges providing?

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                                                      Deepak Panchal On, 25 April 2018

                                                      HI Sree this is about skills assessment which is after completing the course. However if you want to do the course it can start from $10000 per year depending on the college / University.

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                                                      Sreekuttan On, 26 April 2018

                                                      Thank you, Deepak Panchal, I shall suggest your organisation to one of my friends, who is really aspirant of choosing to teach as a profession in overseas

                                                      Deepak Panchal
                                                      On, 27 April 2018

                                                      Thank you

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