English Language Requirement for Skilled Visas and Assessments

If you are applying for skilled migration, you will need to provide your english competency level.

The required level of english will depend on the visa you are applying and also the skills assessment body you are applying for  have different english requirements.


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        Superior English: 20 points in GSM points test.
        Proficient English: 10 points in GSM points test.
        Competent English: Threshold requirement for General Skilled Migration and ENS and RSMS
        Vocational English: previously important for General Skilled Migration and Employer Sponsored Visas.
        Functional English: For secondary applicants seeking to avoid paying the English Language Charge.

        Validity and timing of the english 
        The timing of the english language requirement depends on the type of visa you have applied. All Skilled migration subclasses and other permanent visa subclasses require the english test to be done within the last 3 years prior to lodgment of the file.
        1-General Skilled Migration: Requires you to provide english score at the time of invitation. Also some other assessment authorities require you to show english scores during the time of assessment as well, such as Accountants, Engineers etc.
        2-RSMS and ENS visas. Required to show english scores a the time of application.

        Acceptable English Tests 
        The IELTS test is the most common way of showcasing your english language ability. Depending on the assessment authority, different bodies require different tests. For example all accountants require, academic version of IELTS. Although the Department Of Home Affairs accepts both academic and general tests. You need to maintain minimum score in each band of IELTS{Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking} in a single sitting.
        The Occupational English Test{OET} is also accepted as evidence. But this test is only appropriate for medical and allied health professionals.
        Pearson test of english{PTE} and TOEFL IBT are also accepted for skilled subclasses. It is also accepted by most skills assessment authorities.
        Vocational English 
        Vocational english refers to the following in each component(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        1- IELTS- 5,5,5,5(Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
        2- TOEFL IBT- 4,4,14,14(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        3-PTE Academic-36,36,36,36(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        4-OET-B,B,B,B(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        5-Cambridge-154,154,154,154(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)

        Competent English 
        For most of the permanent visas nowadays, you need to show competent english. This criteria can be waived if you are a passport holder of these countries.
        2- New Zealand 
        3- United Kingdom
        4- United States 
        5- Ireland 
        Or else you would need to show the following scores if you aren't from these countries 
        1- IELTS- 6,6,6,6(Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
        2- TOEFL IBT- 12,13,21,18(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        3-PTE Academic-50,50,50,50Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        4-OET-B,B,B,B(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        5-Cambridge-169,169,169,169(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        This score would not add points to your skilled migration points test.

        Proficient English 
        if you demonstrate proficient english, this will give you 10 points for english language.Native english speakers or speakers from the countries mentioned above need to give english test as well in case they need to show proficient english. This will add 10 points to your skilled migration visa.
        1- IELTS- 7,7,7,7(Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
        2- TOEFL IBT- 24,24,27,23(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        3-PTE Academic-65,65,65,65(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        4-OET-B,B,B,B(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        5-Cambridge-185,185,185,185(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)

        Superior english 
        Superior english would give you 20 points for your skilled migration visa.
        1- IELTS- 8,8,8,8(Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
        2- TOEFL IBT- 28,29,30,36(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        3-PTE Academic-79,79,79,79(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        4-OET-A,A,A,A(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)
        5-Cambridge-200,200,200,200(Listening, Reading ,Writing,Speaking)

        Functional English 
        If your partner has less than functional english, they would have to pay the "English Education Charge" to cover English language tuition.
        Other than this you can also show functional english by providing one the following 
        1- Completion of a degree, diploma or certificate that took at least 2 years of study in english medium.
        2- Completion of all years of primary eduction and 3 years(atleast) of secondary education in english.
        3- Completion of atleast 5 years of secondary education in english medium 
        4- 4.5 atleast over four components of IELTS test within the 12 months before application.
        5- Functional english can also be established through an interview.

        Migration to Australia can be complex and in case you have any questions feel free to contact us 


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