Partner Visa - Four Important Factors

To Prove Relationship


When lodging the application for the partner visa, it is very important to prove that the relationship is genuine. The four factors are simply those that Department of Immigration considers to be key elements in establishing whether a relationship meets requirements to be a spouse relationship.


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Factor 1 - Financial aspects of the relationship

  • joint loan agreements for real estate, cars, major household appliances or any other agreements relating to finances or purchases (for example, property purchased by the parties as tenants in common)

  • operation of joint bank accounts - evidence that the accounts have been operated with reasonable frequency and for a reasonable period of time would be given more weight than just opening such accounts

  • pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments

  • legally binding financial obligations that one party owes to the other, for example, as guarantor for a loan, existing power of attorney (these can be specified to cover various things, such as financial and medical)

  • the basis of sharing day to day household expenses, for example, whether each party is responsible financially for their own expenses only and expenses are not pooled. 

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Factor 2 - The nature of the household

  • joint ownership of residential property

  • joint residential leases

  • joint rental receipts

  • joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone)correspondence addressed to either or both parties at the same address

  • shared responsibility for care and support of children

  • shared responsibility for housework


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Factor 3 - Social aspects of the relationship

  • evidence that the relationship has been declared to other government bodies and commercial/public institutions or authorities and acceptance of these declarations by these bodies

  • statements of parents, family members, relatives, friends and other interested parties. Statements in the form of statutory declarations should be encouraged on the basis that, as a legal document, they carry more weight. 

  • joint membership of organisations or groups, documentary evidence of joint participation in sporting, cultural, social or other activities

  • joint travel and plans for the future

  • whether the parties present themselves as a couple socially. 

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Factor 4 - The nature of the commitment

  • the duration of the relationship

  • the length of time the parties have lived together

  • the degree of companionship and emotional support that the parties draw from each other

  • whether the parties see the relationship as for the long term  

Visafast Migration Consultancy (VMC) understands that it is of the utmost importance that your partner can join you in Australia as quickly as possible. VMC's migration agents offer expert advice and have significant experience in dealing with any difficult issues that may arise when applying for partner visas, including:

- Establishing the 12-month cohabitation requirement for Defacto partners

- Skipping the usual 2-year waiting period for permanent residence

- Obtaining exemptions for the 12-month cohabitation requirement

- Health waivers where the partner has a serious medical issue

- Situations involving domestic violence

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