Skilling Australians Fund Bill passed in Parliament

On 8th May 2018, the legislation regarding "training contributions " was passed in both houses of the parliament.

The  legislation regarding skilling Australians fund changes the way employers pay for "training contributions " for sponsoring a foreign worker. 


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      The Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Bill 2017 have key features 
      1- Persons seeking to sponsor skilled workers will be liable to pay a "nomination training contribution charge"
      2-This legislation authorizes the regulations which concern that
      a-the time the charge will be due and payable the method of paying
      b-the charge overpayment or refund of chargepenalties in case of underpayment of charge 

      Giving of information and keeping of records in relation to the liability of person to pay the charge.Maximum penalty will be 60 penalty units, which is currently $210 under the Crimes Act 1914.The amount of these charges has been indicated by the government and it will be formally imposed by the anticipated regulations.

      With sponsors of turnover less than $10 million per year will be required to pay an annual levy of $1,200 for each year that the temporary skilled worker is employed and "one-off"levy of $3,000 for permanent skilled visas.

      For companies that are sponsoring employees and have more than $10 million per year turnover, will be required to pay $1,800 for each year that the temporary skilled worker is employed, with a "one-off" fee for permanent visas being $5,000.The levy will be payable for all years of planned employment.

      Provisions for refunds are available under the following circumstances
      1- The nomination of the worker has been approved but the visa is refused on health of character grounds.
      2- The visa application starts but the employee does not start work.
      3- If the Visa holder leaves the employment within the first 12 months and the visa validity is more than 12 months, then the levy that is applicable will be refunded to the sponsor.
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