Skills Assessments for teachers

Are you a teacher or want to pursue this career? Know your options!

Are you a teacher who wants to migrate to Australia with such a high demand occupation.The following occupations can be nominated

Early Childhood Teacher [241111]

Secondary Teacher [241411]

Special Needs Teacher [241511]

Special Education NEC Teacher [241599]

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired [241512]

Teacher of the Sight Impaired [241599]

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Skills Assessment

If your occupation is on the list, there are many options available to you including skilled independent 189 visa and skilled nominated 190 visa. Attaining suitable skills assessment is very important.

English language requirement, professional, occupational requirements are very important.English level requirements are the same for all the occupations mentioned above but, professional requirements change with occupation.

Requirements can be seen on the website of AITSL

Educational requirements

Study assesed should be atleast a bachelors level or higher. The field of the degree should not be relevant. It should be atleast 4 years full time or part time equivalent.

Professional requirements

These requirements are where the AITSL assesses qualification and experience that are relevant to the occupation. Each occuaption has slightly differnet professional requirements.

English Requirements To meet the English requirements the AITSL assesses you should have the following

Minimum of 7.0 for reading

Minimum of 7.0 for writing

Minimum of 8.0 for speaking

Minimum of 8.0 for listening

The IELTS test score should not be more than 24 months old.

Evidence of supervised training practice

All occupations should have supervised teaching practice as a part of their requirements. Evidence must be provided via official document from the university awarding the qualification that full-fills the following

On a official university letterhead

Signed by university representative

Details the duration of the supervised training

The age range of student taught

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