Subclass{489} Visa Conditions - For applying for your 887 Permanent Visa

Subclass{489} can be classified as the most easiest General Skilled Migration Visa, But it has its conditions


If you are on a 489 visa and wish to apply for your Permanent Visa{887} there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to apply

  • Have lived in Australia for at-least 2 years in specified regional areas and during this time 

  • Worked full time atlas one year in the specified regional areas

  • There is one more, the secondary applicant also need to have complied with the visa condition.

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 Condition 8539 

The holder should live in specified regional areas and work/study only in regional areas specified in this legislative instrument.

Condition 8549 

The holder of this condition must live study and work only in designated areas in Australia. This allows you to look for job opportunities in greater areas

as looking for work in regional areas can be difficult. Australia wants migrants to contribute to the low population areas and to do so in a way they don't 

breach visa conditions.

Alternate views 

A lot of applicants think that the 4 year working visa condition to stay 2 years in regional/ designated areas means that they have options to 

stay in areas other than the specified regional ones. Visa conditions are active for the duration of the visa and by doing so can lead to breach of the 

visa condition

Time to settle 

If the holder of the visa is onshore when the visa is granted. The department will usually give allowance of 2-3 months from the visa grants to make the 

necessary arrangement for the applicant to move to designated/regional areas.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any migration enquiries 

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Rohin On, 20 November 2018

I and my wife have 489 Visa for South Australia My wife is the primary applicant If my wife settled in Australia in the state that sponsored her with my 2 young kids and fulfills the criteria of living for 2 years and working for 1 year and I stay outside Australia for that period (due to my work) will I also be eligible for the 887 as well or will only she and the kids get it after completion of the 2 year period?

Public user
On, 15 July 2020

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