VETASSESS skills assessment

Skills Assessment can be a tricky subject. Specially for general professional occupations.


 VETASSESS handles a range of skills assessments for migration purposes. There are various things you need to consider before or after lodging your skills assessment. Why is it important? Occupation assessments are created based on the needs of Australia or the state, and it is necessary that the applicant meets those needs.

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Date Deemed Skilled

VETASSESS date deemed skilled is important as it tells " the date the applicant met the entry level requirements for the nominated occupation based on closely related employment in the last 10 years". This is important for claiming points on your previous experience and for the department of home affairs to accept it. In general work experience is only counted after the applicant is deemed skilled, hence the deeming date.

the following things are very important while lodging your assessment 

  • Field of study should be highly relevant 

  • The required AQF level{Australian Qualifications Framework}

  • Closely related employment

  • Post qualification employment at the required skill level

  • If these criteria are not met then the applicant needs more experience to be deemed skilled. And this would change the date deemed skilled.


The applicants field of study should be highly relevant to the nominated field.You will need to provide academic transcripts while applying for the assessment in order for VETASSESS to have a clear breakdown of the subjects studied. The following things are considered very important 

  • The depth/breadth of study in subject and major 

  • Whether your qualification has a major or specialisation in the field of study which VETASSESS believes suitable for the occupation in Australia

  • Course requirements and the outcomes of the qualification in the country concerned 

Education Level 

For applicants who have not studied in Australia and dont have an Australian education provider, the applicants qualifications mist also be assessed to be at par of the Australian standards. This means that whilst an applicants qualification may be Bachelors, VETASSESS may assess your qualification to not meet the AQF level.

The following things are concerned 

  • The type of university the applicant has studied in and the education system of the country 

  • Level depth and breadth of the program undertaken 

  • Awarding institution, program and the study 


This is where most of the refusals happen so its really important for you to make sure this gets right.

Only skilled employement can be counted towards meeting the work experience requrements. Skilled employement according to VETASSESS means employement which has similar tasks and is at the right skill level to the ANZSCO description to the nominated occupation, or in the same occupation group. An applicant applying for Restaurant Manager cannot nominate this occupation if the work experience has duties of a Marketing specialist. Similarly it can do so if he/she has experience as a Hotel manager. Employment terms also play an important role. Must be atleast 20 hours per week, irregular periods which come up to 20 hours per week will not be considered. Employment should be paid and voluntary work will not be accepted. Proff can be shown in the form of pay-slips, bank-statements, Income tax filing etc.

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