Want Work Rights with Condition 8101? Its possible!

Condition 8101: Prevents the holder from working legally in Australia.

We Really hope no one gets this condition but its more common than applicants think it is. If you still need to be working do not worry, you still have options for getting full working rights if there is a substantive evidence that you need to be working. You need to convince the Department of home affairs that you need to be working. Applicants usually get this condition through the following ways.

You are on bridging visa A,C, E with no work rights or have applied for Subclass{457} while holding the Condition 8101

Substantive evidence to need to work

This basically means that you are facing financial hardship and that the daily costs of your reasonable living expenses weight more than what you have and your ability to pay for them. You would need to show your income and expenses through documents such as bank statements, debt etc.

You also need to consider the following 

  • Expenses should be reasonable 

  • How the applicant has supported himself before and now 

  • If the person will become burden at public funds and charities

  • If the person has a relative who can possibly support them

Bridging visa A and C holder 

If you have just  a BVC with no working rights, you can apply for full working rights under substantive evidence to need to work. Your current BVC would seize and would be replaced by the new one with full working rights. If you have applied for multiple visas and hence have multiple bridging visas. Lets say a BVC and BVA, you will have to make two applications for substantive evidence to need to work to the department of home affairs.

Bridging visa E holder

In this situation you will have to show more compelling argument to work and it gets tough with this one. BVE is usually provided when you spend time being an unlawful citizen. For this you will have to show "acceptable reason for delay"  for applying for protection visa which has lead to the grant of BVE for the applicant. Acceptable reasons may include the following 

  • Serious accident to the applicant or someone close to the applicant 

  • Need for protection visa due to risk to life factor arising from his/her home country.

Breaching visa conditions actively means that the department of home affairs will not take your applications positively as it will look like the applicant has no intentions to comply with visa conditions seriously. 

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