What is the 3 year Visa ban?

Every Visa has some form of character requirement, ignoring of which can lead to 3 year exclusion period.

 if you disregard immigration law and do not follow them, it could lead to an exclusion period or a ban on your return to Australia. What this means is any further visa application you make until the exclusion period gets over, will not be approved. Public interest criteria{PIC} defines the kinds of rules that are broken and the consequences the applicant will face.

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PIC 4013

This applies to the visa which was cancelled due to 

Providing forged documents.

Working without work rights and breaching of visa conditions. 

Failing to meet the attendance requirement for the college/university leading to cancellation of COE.

Not a genuine temporary entrant.

Adversely affecting health and safety of the Australian community.

PIC 4014

PIC 4014 applies to you under

Being an unlawful citizen 

Holder of bridging visa C, D or E 

Waivers Available 

Compelling grounds of reason can lead to your exclusion period being waived off. The following can be a compelling reason 

Affecting the interests of Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen 

If further student visa application is to be made

If the applicant tried his best and gave all efforts to leave Australia lawfully

Compelling circumstances 

Affects interest of Australia or Australian citizens 

Australias trade and business opportunities might get affected if the person is not granted the visa.

Australias relationship with foreign government would be damaged if the person is not granted the visa

A business operated by an Australian citizen would have to close down because of lack of specialized skills 

Former student visa holders/ made genuine effort to leave the country

If the applicant made every effort to leave the country genuinely before but was unable to due to health or airline delays

Delays with the issue of travel documentations 

if due to poor attendance the former student visa holder had his/her visa cancelled. They may be able to apply for another student visa 

and waive the exclusion period if they demonstrate that they are a genuine temporary entrant who wishes to further his study and comply with 

visa  rules and regulations.

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Aarti On, 11 March 2019

I need to now can I get visa if I am under PIC4014?

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