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Can I apply as Chef or Cook?

Deepak Panchal
on 4/14/18, 3:26 AM 4,384 views

As we all know from 19th April 2017, Cook occupation has less opportunities to apply for direct Permanent Residency visa. As it is not in MLTSSL,

There are very rare chance for Cook to apply in direct permanent residency visa. They cannot apply for:  

Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent Visa  and if they are or will be sponsored by ethrough subclass 457/482 visas, Permanent Residency pathways are unavailable.

It is highly recommended therefore, if possible, to apply under Chef occupation,

But is it possible to apply as a Chef?

To apply as a Chef is easier than people think. There are three main differences between Cook and Chefs.

1) Work Place: Chef and Cooks works in Restaurant and Takeaway shops (Limited Services Establishment).

To apply as a Chef, you must be working in a Restaurants. Limited Service /Take away business includes establishments such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nandos, KFCs, Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, shops in foods courts. Sometimes they are called fast food establishments. Most of the franchisees are considered to be under limited service establishments because they have readymade recipes or ready-to-cook foods. Therefore, it is unlikely that Chef duties will be available under this type of establishments.


It is very important to prove the work environment if you are applying as Chef.

Restaurant is defined as a food services establishment:

- that serves customers with food typically prepared by chefs and

- that has table service and seating and

- where service is generally for eating on premises and

- that covers a diversity of styles of cuisine.

2) Tasks 

The role of Chef would generally be relate to a restaurant environment and would include managerial tasks such as the following:

- planning menus

- estimating cost

- managing and monitoring stocks

- supervision of preparation and presentation of food

- discussing food preparation issues with Managers, Dietitians and Kitchen and waiting staff

- preparing a number of signature dishes

- demonstration of cooking techniques

- recruiting and training staff

- explaining and enforcing hygiene regulations. 

Fundamentally, the primary role of a cook is one of cooking, whereas that of a chef is managing the kitchen with some limited, specialised cooking tasks.

3) Qualifications and Work Experience

Chef normally requires Cert IV. Commercial / Asian Cookery or Diploma. However in limited circumstances, length of work experience can also replace educational qualifications through the process of RPL or other pathways.

Work Experience: .

Depending on the visa subclass you are applying for and the country you belong to, work experience can vary from 3 to 5 years.  If you are having questions, feel free to ask us .

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