• No age limit

  • No skill assessment required

  • No minimum qualification requirements

  • Functional English required

  • No minimum salary requirements

  • Excellent training opportunities in Australia

  • Career Enhancement

  • Multiple entries in Australia during the validity of the visa

  • More future options

  • Can be renewed multiple times

  • Full-time work

  • Trainees can have partner and children visiting Australia with them as dependents

  • Spouse/Partner can also work 40 hours per fortnight in any occupation

  • Paid Australian work experience

  • We can also consider unpaid internships for the candidates on case to case basis

  • Completion of Job Ready Program in Australia

  • To enhance skills in an eligible occupation
  • To gain registration/ licensing or,
  • capacity building overseas
in an occupation inList of eligible occupations.
SC 407 Occupational Trainee Stream is aimed for structured, workplace-based training to help eligible clients to enhance their existing skills in an occupation. A wide range of clients including recent graduates, current students in Australia or in overseas institutions, visitors and others may qualify for the program. The program requires structured training to be provided focusing on the skills required in a particular occupation. Even though this visa is not classified as a work visa but still offers opportunities to gain work experience in Australia as the occupational training is conducted at the workplace performing various job tasks related to the nominated occupation.

Temporary Activity Sponsorship AUD 420

Nomination AUD 170

Training Visa (Subclass 407) AUD 280

        Additional applicant charge 18 and over AUD 280

        Additional applicant charge under 18 AUD 70

Subsequent Entrant Charge AUD 700 (Applicable if you are already in Australian and had already made temporary visa application before in Australia) 

* Department of Immigration may apply additional surcharge if you are paying by credit card  

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